AIGA TLH Creative Annual

AIGA Tallahassee is excited to announce the launch of our first Creative Annual. This celebration of creativity in Tallahassee will bring together almost all of the visual arts* in a snapshot keepsake book. As a collection rather than a competition, our goal is to make the most inclusive and comprehensive record of a year’s work in our community. There are very few restrictions on the type of work you can enter, other than it should have been made during the 2021 calendar year. Every entry receives a copy of the book.

*It’s a book, it’s going to be tough to include videos – although we’re open to suggestions.

It’s not a competition?

No. This is not an awards show. There are no winners or losers. No one is judging this work to meet any sort of standard.** No one is comparing your work in any objective fashion. This is a simple pay to play process where any work submitted can appear in the collection.

**Although we do retain the right to reject work on an individual basis at our discretion.

How do I enter?

Work can be submitted through a submission form. If you do not have a Google account, please contact us to get alternate means of submissions.

Ways to enter?

There are two ways to enter. You can buy 1 page or 2. The 1-page entry gets you 1 image. The 2-page spread entry allows for up to 5 images. Both entries require a 200-word description of the work. If you want to enter another subject matter (a new piece of work) then you buy another entry of your choosing. Each page you buy gets you a copy of the book.

When is the entry deadline?

Entries will be accepted through January 31, 2022. The Annual is expected to be available in April 2022.


Why are you doing this?

AIGA has its roots in graphic design, and within that industry there are several avenues available for professional recognition. Each has its pros, but also some cons. Award shows can often be opaque, and don’t provide a lot of insight into the stories behind the work. We’re interested in learning more about these stories, the processes and even the people who made them. We’re also constantly curious about the intersection between graphic design and the other visual arts. We commission illustration and photography, we cross paths with architects and artists, we see art in public spaces. In short, we want to expose and celebrate creativity.

Is this a competition? What if I don’t get in?

It’s not a competition. If you pay the entry fee your work will appear in the collection, unless we find it to be offensive or inappropriate (no hate speech, for example).

Are you making a real book?

Yes, we are making a real printed book. The fee structure is set up to allow us to provide a copy of the book to every entrant. It’s not a gold statue or etched glass trophy, but we think you’ll enjoy it even more. The pricing structure is set up around a minimum number of entries. While there is no maximum, if the call for entries fails to gather 100 pages of content, this annual may not be printed. To that end, we will not be collecting fees at the time of entry. If you know how KickStarter works, then you’ll get it.

What, like a coffee table book? Or it is going to be tiny?

The annual has been conceived, priced and imagined as an 8.5×11 hardcover book, with a minimum of 100 pages.

Who should enter?

Anyone in the Tallahassee/Leon County area who works in the visual arts. Although AIGA is based in graphic design, this call for entries is not limited to marketing firms or ad agencies. We are looking for painters, sculptors, illustrators, muralists, digital artists, print makers, architects, photographers – if you can take a good picture of your work for a book, we want to include you. You don’t need to be professional, accredited, or qualified in any way.

What sort of work is eligible?

We are leaving this very open. The main stipulations are that the work was made or first appeared in 2021, and that it was made in or around Tallahassee. It doesn’t need to have been published, purchased, commissioned, or otherwise made official – any professional or private work can count. The other requirements is a brief (200 word) description of the work, which is intended to provide some insight into the work that the viewer wouldn’t have by simply observing it. There are no specific categories or guidelines at this point: it’s going to be a potpourri.

Can I get a discount on multiple entries?

There are no discounts or tiered pricing structures. Each entry comes with a copy of the book (2-page entries get 2 copies). There are no limits on how many subjects you can enter – more entries will just mean a larger book. If this year’s book is successful, we hope to introduce a more flexible pricing structure next year.

What about an Agency rate?

There are no special rates for professional firms. We’ll gladly accept work from agencies, freelancers, or private individuals. The entry form will have a space for appropriate credits, and you can decide which credit card to charge. Whether you enter as a firm, a collective or an individual is up to you.

What if I don’t quite meet the residency requirements?

This is intended to be a collection of work from the community we live in and serve. We trust you to honor this intention and use your good judgement when entering. If you live in Wisconsin and work for a firm in Tallahassee, we’ll accept it. If the client is in Tallahassee, we’ll take it. If you live here and the client is in France, we’ll take it. Just be honest. AIGA Tallahassee has members in the surrounding area including Thomasville, so the geography isn’t definitive. It’s a guideline.

Yeah, yeah, so how much?

A 1-page entry will cost $50. A 2-page entry will cost $100. It’s all based on a simple per-page production cost. A 2-page entry will afford you up to 5 images and an extra copy of the book.

How many times can I enter?

You can buy as many entries as you like. We’re being very transparent about this, it’s a pay to play endeavor. There are no limits on the number of entries. The only limit is the one-subject-per-entry limit. Please don’t buy a 2-page entry and submit several different pieces of art, or some sort of collage. We’re imaging a 2-page entry would be useful for a campaign or series of works, or a multi-piece installation.

How big should the images be?

You can buy as many entries as you like. We’re being very transparent about this, it’s a pay to play endeavor. There we’re printing a book. upload a print resolution file. max size would be 8.5×11 but don’t expect any images to actually be that big.

Can I collage images together for the 1-page?

We would rather you didn’t unless the work has a compelling reason for it. The 5-image / 2-page entry is intended for work that needs more than one image.

When does this happen exactly?

We’ll be accepting entries in January, as soon as we’ve recovered from the parties. Entries will close at midnight on January 31. After we’ve totaled the entries and made sure we’ve reached our minimum requirement to cover the printing costs, we’ll contact you regarding payment. We’ll need your payment by the end of February. We’ll also be in touch if we have questions or concerns about the entry (if we need more info, or better artwork, etc.). Assuming all the requirements are met, we expect to have a printed book in hand by April. We still don’t know how you’ll get your book but wouldn’t it be nice to have some sort of gala event? Let’s plan on getting together for drinks one night.

What if I am late?

You’ll spoil it for everyone. Don’t be late. We need to know how many people are committed, in order to pull this off. There are no early or late rates, there’s just one rate and one deadline.

I still don’t get it?

If this isn’t answering all your questions, just email us at

By John Lhotka
Published December 6, 2021
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