Design Week Tallahassee 2020 wins ADDY Award

AIGA Tallahassee recently won a Silver American Advertising Award for Design Week Tallahassee 2020. The ADDY was in the category of “Advertising Industry Self-Promotion Integrated Media Campaign”.

Design Week Tallahassee (DWT) is an annual normally five-day event organized by AIGA Tallahassee that welcomes creatives of all creeds and kinds. The festivities include guest speakers, workshops and social events usually held at multiple locales around Tallahassee. It aims to educate, inspire, and connect designers in our community through a series of art and technology experiences.

Even before the pandemic, DWT planed to focus on the topic of wellness in creativity through the theme “Creatures of Habit”. The conference, initially scheduled for March, focused on breaking patterns which limit us from trying new things, and incorporating self-care into the journey toward creative fulfillment. Collateral including posters and rack cards were created for this initial event to advertise and illustrate the “Creatures”.

Like many events, DWT was canceled but found new life online. It became a weekly free webseries, airing live on Facebook (and later on Instagram, Vimeo and the DWT website) every Friday from August 21st to December 18th. Speakers discussed social media, film, art therapy and many other topics in 17 episodes. DWT offered workshops on various design programs including Webflow and Bannersnack.

Being virtual brought new opportunities including VR movie nights through a partnership with Orlando’s DAVE School. The conference was able to offer digital “No Pressure Portfolio Reviews” to current and recent students not just in Tallahassee but around the world. DWT virtually hosted not only speakers based in Florida and other states but internationally in the United Kingdom for the “Storytelling through Comics” and “Ask a Cartoonist Anything” episodes.


Ways to Watch

If you missed an episode of Design Week Tallahassee 2020, you can view the entire series on our Vimeowebsite, Facebook or Instagram.



Special Thanks

Lindsey Masterson for her incredible artwork/branding, Geo Stokes for his coding wizardy, Conner Hill for making every broadcast flawless, Brittany Gress for creative direction and John Lhotka for social media.

Design Week TLH Organizing Committee

Brittany Gress (@brittanygress ), Carly Berry ( @itsnotthatweird ), Chris Crouch (@shapeshifter_creativeco ), John Lhotka (, Conner Hill (@conner_chill_ ), Jesse Taylor (@jessetaylorcreative), Rachel Cameron (@heyy.rach), Callie Watson (@calic0calli3cat ), Megan Glasgow (@megankills ).

Design Week 2020 Speakers

Carly Berry (@itsnotthatweird ), Zoë Crook (@zcrew ), Vanessa Guirey (@vguirey ), Maggie Lawrence (@maggielawrence), Vy Nguyen (@vynguyenfilms ), April Fitzpatrick (@pineappleswithpurpose ), Tony Gines (@tgines ), Jesse Taylor (@jessetaylorcreative ), Jon Gress (of @dave_school ), Jason Frostholm (@feastondesign ), Matt Manning (@oldmanmanning), Michelle “smeesh” Medrano (@smeesh_bb ), Steve Leacock (@leacockdesign ), Ramya Sriram (@thetapcomics ), Hannah King (@wovenfutures | @hannnahmking ), Audra Pittman (@audra_price_pittman ), Susan Baldino (of @arts4allflorida ), and Katie Bryl (@kbrylliant ).


John Lhotka ( and Callie Watson (@calic0calli3cat )


Pen & Tool (, Geo Stokes (@geostokes ), Understory (, TCC Center for Innovation (, Tallahassee Downtown (TDIA) (, Bowstern (, Stickermule (, PrintJax (, Target Print & Mail (, Current Agency (, Grizzly Wheeler (, Driftaway Float Center (, The DAVE School (, Holiday Inn E Capital (, Fresh Impression Letterpress (, Fontaine Maury (, Bricks & Brass (, FSU Innovation Hub (

By John Lhotka
Published March 4, 2021
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