Night Shift

Maybe you’ve always wanted to improve your illustration skills. Maybe you have an idea for an ice cream delivery app that you never been able to get around to building. Or maybe you’re working the daily grind and you just need a little extra inspiration. Whatever it might be, why not set aside some time to work on those projects and hold yourself more accountable?

Come work the Night Shift!

We’re a group of creative professionals that burn the midnight oil together in an open, collaborative environment. We thrive on the camaraderie and feedback that comes with it — where ideas and critique are not only welcome, they are encouraged. All it costs is a few hours of your time. Just bring your computer, your sketchbook, or whatever else you need to make something awesome.

Our friends at The Pod CoLab are opening their awesome space for us on Thursday, November 15th. There will be a round table for more collaborative folk and individual areas if you’re trying to get in the zone. We encourage everyone to network with other attendees, get feed back on current work and offer feedback if the opportunity presents itself!

Light refreshments will be provided so grab dinner before hand or take a break during the night and snag something.

See you there!

When & Where
Thu, Nov 15, 2018 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
CoLab at the Pod
124 Marriott Dr
Tallahassee, Florida