Design Week Tallahassee 2020 Recap

After 4 months, 17 episodes and 770+ minutes of content, Design Week Tallahassee 2020 ended. From August 21st to December 18th, 2020 we hosted a range of illustrators, designers, cartoonists, marketeers, muralists, and so much more. They were both local Tallahassee or Florida creatives but also people in other states and, for our first international talk, in other countries. We hosted a virtual portfolio review event (“No Pressure Portfolio Reviews”) as well as a VR movie theatre experience. In case you missed it, below are (almost) all the episodes of Design Week Tallahassee 2020

The first broadcast of #dwt2020: Extended Edition! This episode, we, the creatures behind “Creatures of Habit” give a talk of our own. It’s going to be a night of fun, weirdness and surprises even we don’t know about!

The Social Media Panel explores the internet as a means of business, community, behavior change and personal creative endeavor. Emcee Callie Watson is joined by Carly Berry, Zoë Crook, Vanessa Guirey and Maggie Lawrence. They discuss social media’s role in a creative’s life especially now in today’s socially distant world.

Emcee John Lhotka is joined by Tallahassee filmmaker, Vy Nguyen of Vy Nguyen Films, to answer questions about film, lighting, and the framing of videos in this new virtual conference world.

In this workshop with April Fitzpatrick of Pineapples With Purpose, we learn to embrace art as a means of caring for our mental wellness. Walk with April through this inspiring hour of personal reflection and creative healing.

Wondering what all this “No-Code Webflow” talk is around the industry but too afraid to ask? Tony Gines walks us through some of the basics of Webflow by recreating a site from scratch and show how much this awesome tool isn’t like Squarespace or Dreamweaver.

Join Art Director Jesse Taylor as he walks us through Bannersnack, the online tool which makes building digital banners ads a breeze. We will explore how to create multiple size web banners, easily editable text and colors and animations in a fraction of the time it takes other programs. Actual snacks optional but encouraged.

Join Jason Frostholm of Ildis Design and Feasting On Design as he talks about the roadblocks he’s encountered while trying to follow a certain path to happiness, and how he stopped staring at the path and started to forge his own way.

One prompt, one hour. Three artists creep inside their cerebellum to conjure the inspiration to create a masterpiece of monstrous proportions. Watch as Tallahassee local artists Matt “the Sign Saint” Manning (tattoo artist at the Magnolia Company), the “Mural Maven” smeesh (of BAET Collective), and the “Branding Wizard” himself Steve Leacock (Leacock Design Co.) test the limits of time by flinging ceremonial dyes and unveiling the creatures that inhabit their minds.

For centuries, people have feared the things which go bump in the night. But what if those things are actually creatives stumbling to bed after late revisions? What terrifies them? Join the creatures behind “Creatures of Habit” as they present the only holiday special with vampires, ghosts of clients past, pixelization, comic sans and much more!

Freelance designer Steve Leacock of Leacock Design Co. joins emcee John Lhotka to answer all your questions about branding, illustration, publication, packaging design and much more.

DWT ventures to the UK for its first international talk. Joining us is cartoonist and writer, Ramya Sriram, the creator of The Tap by Ramya Sriram.

Ramya will go through how to create stories through simple, minimalistic comics: generating ideas, writing the script, and creating effective illustrations. She will also be demonstrating drawing techniques and exercises to show how simple lines and strokes can be used to convey emotions and expressions powerfully.

Writer and cartoonist Ramya Sriram of The Tap by Ramya Sriram talks with emcee John Lhotka to answer all your questions about comics, her life journey from India to the UK, and where she draws the line (both literally and figuratively).

Join us as we speak to Hannah King, the CEO and founder of Woven Futures , a fashion brand celebrating Latin America’s textile heritage through timeless designs that honor artisans and the earth. Hannah will share her journey of starting an art based business in college, self-funding her venture, and using textiles to differentiate her from the competition.

Tune-in as Design Week is joined by Vice President of SCAD – The University for Creative Careers Atlanta, Dr. Audra Pittman. Dr. Pittman has served for over 20 years in the arts, education and business communities including serving as Executive Director for COCA / Tallahassee Arts . Dr. Pittman will discuss creative design careers, higher education and how education has evolved in this socially distant world.

Moving away from traditional cabinets of collections toward innovative centers of art and design, museums reach outward to make positive differences. FSU Museum Studies Professor and Program Curator for Arts4All Florida, Susan Baldino, explores how museums break patterns and forge new pathways by harnessing the power of diversity.

It’s finally here! Design Week’s “Creatures of Habit: Season Finale”For this final installment, we visited some familiar faces to talk about life, creativity, and finding happiness while navigating an uncertain world. One thing’s for sure: there will always be joy in what we create together. Thank you Tallahassee for being wonderful beyond words. See you next year!

By John Lhotka
Published January 12, 2021