Member Spotlight: Brannon Solomon

We’re back at it with the AIGA Tallahassee’s Member Spotlight! This month we celebrate designer, Brannon Solomon:

“Hello everyone!

I’m a designer, illustrator, printer, and overall creative person currently working at BowStern. I’ve worked as a creative for over 15 years in agency, museum, and freelance settings.

My creative journey started very young, as a kid spending way too much time in comic book shops, drawing my own characters and cover art. Since then I’ve met and worked with some amazing, talented people that helped me become who I am today. Being a creative is such a tricky and rewarding career.

Every time I sit down I’m given riddles to solve and problems to overcome. Every day is an adventure, and every client is a quest. My favorite part of the process is the learning and discovery that come with each project. I love meeting and connecting with the people involved, learning about their business or organization, and working with our team to come up with a great solution.

When I’m not at my desk I’m with the fam, my wife and muse Rachel, and our two goofball kids, Cecilia and Arturo (who are always stealing my sketchbooks).

Late nights you can catch me in my studio, screen printing shirts, old school printing on my tabletop letterpress, creating nerdy art, or watching Star Trek (I’m a huge fan).”


How did you find AIGA Tallahassee?

I’m a founding member!

Why is creativity important?

Creativity is our super power! With projects, and even in life, we get all kinds of data, constraints, and limitations thrown at us that we need to process. Our creativity helps us navigate those and come up with clever solutions.

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By John Lhotka
Published September 12, 2021
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