Member Spotlight: Carson Howse

We’re back at it with the AIGA Tallahassee’s Member Spotlight! This month we celebrate designer, Carson Howse:

Carson received a BFA in Studio Art with a focus in Graphic Design from Florida State University. She was inspired by her grandfather who was an ad agency principal in Atlanta during that ultra-cool Mad Men era. She grew up around good design, and during college cemented her love for functional design so much so that she was already working in her field before officially graduating.

She brings seven years of design experience to projects at Fontaine Maury as the studio’s Lead Graphic Designer. She loves details and getting the width of a line just right, and taking theoretical ideas about a product and interpreting them into the swoop of a letter. Although she doesn’t talk about it much, she does have an uncanny ability for non-linear thinking and new ideas that seem to pop up in linear meetings…or when she’s walking her dog, Sunny.

Her hobbies/interests include: sign painting, staring at old beer labels, and being the office DJ!

How did you find AIGA Tallahassee?

Years ago, some friends of mine were trying to get it going and started hosting guerrilla meet-ups called “Cocktails with Creatives” [which later became “Designer Drinks”] to see how much interest they could drum up – since there’s a minimum number of members you have to meet in order to start a chapter. The rest is history!?

Why is creativity important?

Phew, big question! I think creativity is where innovation happens! Creativity is problem solving, and helps us adapt in times of uncertainty. I also think it can be a release that many of us crave/need.

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And also check out Fontaine Maury!

By John Lhotka
Published November 8, 2021
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