Member Spotlight: Welcome Students!

This month we’re dedicating our member spotlight to a very special group of new members! We’re thrilled to welcome several Tallahassee students to the creative community.

Our city is home to multiple excellent colleges, each with their own special creative pulse. Oftentimes it’s the smaller creative communities formed in these schools that set the tone for the rest of the industry – after all, where else do the most out-of-the-box and innovative ideas come from? With amazing institutions like FAMU, TCC and FSU, we are so lucky to have an overflow of these bright young people moving Tallahassee forward.

Each month our chapter hosts opportunities to make friends, network and learn new skills. However, we are also proud to provide a platform for talented locals to have their voices heard. Monthly talks and workshops serve to expose our community to new artforms as well as the innovation happening right here in Tallahassee! Whether it’s help finding an internship or guidance in creating your very own workshop, we are here to support our members in every step of their creative journey.

So students; thank you for giving us the opportunity to uplift, empower, and celebrate you. And welcome to AIGA Tallahassee!


By Brittany Gress
Published November 19, 2019
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