Carly Berry
Vice President

Carly Berry is an independent graphic designer and illustrator. She studied fine arts at FSU while perfecting anchor points as a production artist at a t-shirt print shop. In 2017, she became a full time freelancer and has only looked back a few times.

She now focuses on illustration, brand identities and package design. She also sells random things on the internet under the pseudonym, @itsnotthatweird, and never stops talking about printmaking. Carly can usually be found in her studio cave obsessing over pixels, screen printing her heart out, or tacking up art around town. She’s fueled by vegan food, the hunt for the best thrift finds and owes all her success to Command + Z.

She has served on the AIGA board since 2018: first as Fundraising Director (“pft more like FUN raising”) and now as VP.

How did you find AIGA Tallahassee?

I found AIGA Tallahassee when I was cornered by some misfit designers who invited me to join their initiative to activate Tally designers and artists.

Why is creativity important?

It lets us explore ideas and beliefs, weather conscious or subconscious, in a positive way. I believe creativity can energize and heal.