Eric Thomas
Outreach Co-Director

Eric is often found maniacally wielding a dry erase marker, talking with his hands, or drinking too much coffee. Over 18 years working with brands in the advertising and creative industries will do that to a person. Throughout his career as an award-winning designer and creative director, Eric has worked for advertising agencies in the southeast, most recently with TBWA. In 2014 he left the agency world to focus on brand, product, UI, and UX design. In 2015, Eric started UnderStory – a brand and digital design studio blending art, technology and commerce to tell stories through creative experiences.

From 2018 – 2020, Eric served as AIGA Tallahassee president. He now serves as Outreach Co-Director with Jeremy Spinks where they coordinate outreach programs to the community such as sponsorship and collaborative activities.

How did you find AIGA Tallahassee?

After exploring the possibilities of a Tallahassee AIGA chapter several years ago, I was happy to help Stephanie Irigoyen form our original chapter. I served on the founding board, taking over as President for the first two years.

Why is creativity important?

I believe creativity is at the core of human need. It’s part of everyone’s DNA, it just lives at the surface for those who cultivate it. Without it, the world wouldn’t function or be as beautiful as it is.