John Lhotka
Communication Director

From print lab management to art direction, John Lhotka has done a bit of everything in the design world. He enjoys painting pictures through his copy-writing and informing others through his visuals. Outside of the usual design skills (logos, illustrations, layout, etc.), he excels at organization and understanding people. He is still trying to find what he wants both in a job and in life.

As Communications Director, John handles all chapter communications including newsletter, social media, website and Slack updates.  John takes over the role from chapter co-founder, Brittany Gress.

How did you find AIGA Tallahassee?

I ran across a Facebook event page for a Designer Drinks. I actually sat at an empty table before spotting a group I correctly identified as designers.

Why is creativity important?

It gives us ways to express ourselves and understand each other’s ideas and life journeys.