Sizzling Spotlight: Alex Lanier

Welcome to the Sizzling Spotlight, where we feature Tallahassee and surrounding area creatives whose work sizzles. We showcase designers and creatives of all forms: they need only possess the spark of creativity – to be “fire” (as the kids say).

This month we’re thrilled to feature the sizzling work of Alex Lanier. 🔥

( The Beginning )

It all started with an ink pen. Growing up, cheap little ink pens were usually the only drawing tools laying around or in junk drawers around the house. He took these pens and drew anything that came to mind. He even copied city maps line by line on white poster boards. This quickly became Alex’s medium of choice.

His talent quickly progressed into a valuable skill set and he later got accepted into a Performing Arts high school called Harrison School of The Arts. This was a major transitioning point for him entering the real world of art.

( Fast-Forward )

He is now an award-winning and published artist with a background in Architecture from the FIU School of Architecture. While still in college he worked as an Architect at Red Design Group, a Miami Based Firm. Wanting to use more of his artistic ability, he took the Architectural Visualization path at Spine3D, a Miami Based Arch Viz Studio. He later transitioned into a full-time freelance Digital Artist in Los Angeles, CA.


While freelancing in LA, he worked for several major studios creating illustrations, concept art, storyboards, event/set design and architecture illustrations. Alex is currently a freelance Digital Artist creating art for clients and collectors worldwide.

Some clients include: Mattel, Airbnb, Fox Sports, Midnight Oil, TBWA\, Y&R, NBC Universal, Ravensun Creative, NFL Network, Publicis, Deloitte., Coors Light, Saatchi & Saatchi and University of Phoenix just to name a few. You can also find Alex displaying his art at some of the country’s largest and well respected galleries and art festivals, including Tallahassee’s very own, LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival.

His current artwork can be broken down into two categories:

( Illustrative Surrealism )

His illustrative artwork is all about GOOD VIBES and is created to make you feel good. The red tubes you see in the artwork act as the connection/circulation system to pump good vibes through each piece and the soft colors are inspired by a dreamlike sunset he experienced in Baros Maldives. The detailed inked line-work and dreamy color pallet are what makes Alex’s Illustrative artwork so unique.

( Photorealistic Surrealism )

His photorealistic artwork revolves in a world where anything is possible. The creative process starts with the original photography taken with his digital camera. Those photos are then manipulated by integrating a combination of 3D modeling and digital painting to complete his overall vision. His ultimate goal is to make the images look as realistic as possible even if the scene contains impossible situations and elements.

Alex’s brand of artwork strives to push the boundaries of imagination, visual innovation and visual storytelling.

You will soon be able to see his artwork in person at his new art gallery/studio in the Railroad Square Arts District (Coming Soon). 🔥

As is our tradition, we asked a member of the community familiar with the artist’s work to talk about it.

“Alex’s art is eye-catching. He draws your attention with familiar, pop culture icons many grew up with: from movies to Saturday-morning cartoons. But rather than retracing and producing over-done fan art visuals, he adds his own unique narratives. In one piece alone you get a Storm Trooper, Forrest Gump, Beavis (of Beavis and Butt-Head), and Minnie Mouse (to name a few) all cybernetically wired together. The reason for these mechanical modifications is left to the viewer.

When I recently met Alex in-person at LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival, I was struck by the variety of ages drawn to his work. While we chatted, so many people crowded his tent that the walk way was clogged and the two of us had to stand across the way.

His creations take viewers on a journey: whether it is fantastical landscapes or very familiar vehicles. His attention to detail is amazing, as are his motion graphics which are worth checking out. His Snoop Dogg motion-masterpiece, for example, was digitally hand-drawn in Photoshop to have worms, rockets, and planets erupting in the coolest way possible from the rap legend’s head.

In addition to Pop-surrealism, I think his work also delves into Afrofuturism, especially in his ensemble piece, Legends, which depicts Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jimi Hendrix, Steve Harvey and other iconic black figures of the past and present. Like many of his Illustrative Surrealist pieces, each figure is connected by his trademark cybernetic wires/tubes. Why? Well, I’d say ‘why not?’ and just keep staring at his work.

–John Lhotka, on Instagram


To view more sizzling work, check out Alex’s

If you know of a local creative whose work sizzles, contact us and stay tuned for future spotlights.

By John Lhotka
Published June 6, 2022
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