Sizzling Spotlight: Amanda Albert

Welcome back to the Sizzling Spotlight, where we feature Tallahassee and surrounding area creatives whose work sizzles. We showcase not just designers but creatives of all forms: they need only possess the spark of creativity – to be “fire” (as the kids say). 🔥

This month we’re thrilled to feature the sizzling work of Amanda Albert.

Amanda is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Tallahassee. In June, she started freelancing full time after working the past six years at FSU’s Center for Leadership & Social Change. So far she’s worked on logos, branding packages, pet portraits, illustrations, and even custom paper dolls.

Her work draws inspiration from pop culture and her childhood in Southern California beneath the shadow of the Hollywood sign. Her cute retro vibe style was greatly shaped by Disneyland esthetics and the work of iconic Disney concept artists and animators like Mary Blair, Albert Hurter and Milt Kahl. Her other influences include mid-century fashion & design, old Hollywood, true crime, sci-fi, kawaii stationary and 90s magical girl anime series.


As is our tradition with the Sizzling Spotlight, we asked a member of the community familiar with the artist’s work to talk about it.

“No one can do mid-century kitsch quite like Amanda. I don’t want to speculate but I think she might actually be from 1950s Hollywood. Through her playfully elegant color palettes and Disney-esque charm, she beams authenticity while still honing a style all of her own. It’s this combo that makes her work so captivating and I love that she doesn’t shy away from adding personality to her designs.”

–Carly Berry, @itsnotthatweird


To view more sizzling work, follow Amanda’s instagram and online portfolio.

If you know of a local creative whose work sizzles, contact us and stay tuned for future spotlights.

By John Lhotka
Published August 6, 2021
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