Sizzling Spotlight: Cody Paddack

AIGA Tallahassee’s goal has always been to be “a community for creatives of all shapes and sizes” (as our Instagram bio triumphantly states). To further this goal, we are starting the Sizzling Spotlight.

Every other month, we will feature the work of creatives in the Tallahassee and surrounding area we believe sizzles. We seek to showcase projects not just by graphic designers but also creatives of all forms. The only requirement is for the work to have the spark of creativity; to be “fire” (as the kids say).

For the inaugural spotlight, we’d like to introduce Cody Paddack.

Cody is an artist who moved to Tallahassee in 2009. She currently attends UF (virtually due to covid), studying political science. This past December, she participated in the Gallie Alley mural project we did in downtown Tallahassee in partnership with the Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Authority and Access Tallahassee.

Her art feels like it has its own soundtrack, perhaps because a number of her pieces are inspired by pop and rock bands like Bleachers or My Chemical Romance. Some of her work is like a pop song: upbeat and colorful with a steady rhythm to the minimalistic yet focused linework. Other pieces are like two minutes into a rock song: the tempo of the lines has accelerated with an increase of details and colors in a concentrated space. In other instances this contrast would clash but Cody makes it work.

Typography plays a major role in Cody’s work, sometimes becoming more of a focus than the illustrations or visuals themselves. The hand-lettering feels like a blend of graffiti and pop art. It is thoughtfully thrown together like collage art, akin to a more gritty lettered Futurist typography layout. The culmination of her letter, illustrations, found-photographs come together to make fun playlist of pieces that really, well, sizzles. 🔥

To view more sizzling work, follow Cody on Instagram.

If you know of a local creative whose work sizzles, contact us and stay tuned for future editions.

By John Lhotka
Published February 9, 2021
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