Spotlight: How did you find our community?

This month we’re taking a break to look back at past Member Spotlights which have ranged from professors and art directors to creatives of all forms.

Our community has grown and evolved over the years; the faces and names change (as does the membership statuses) but we will continue to celebrate creatives of all shapes and sizes.

Over the past year, we have asked our spotlighted members two questions. Here is the collected answers to one of those questions.

How did you find our community?

I was looking for networking opportunities for design professionals in the area and crossed paths with former TLH chapter VP, Jesse Taylor, who invited me to a Designer Drinks.

Chris Crouch, graphic designer
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Unintentionally, through social media. I attended the Womxn in Leadership & Design talk without even knowing what AIGA was yet!

Marisa Lepore, graphic and web designer
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I was encouraged to go to Coffee and Creatives as a way to network during my first design internship

Rachel Cameron, graphic designer
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Years ago, some friends of mine were trying to get it going and started hosting guerrilla meet-ups called “Cocktails with Creatives” [which later became “Designer Drinks”] to see how much interest they could drum up – since there’s a minimum number of members you have to meet in order to start a chapter. The rest is history!?

Carson Howse, graphic designer

I’m a founding member!

Brannon Solomon, graphic designer
Instagram | Dribbble

I learned of AIGA TLH through my coworker and the Events & Community Director, Chris Crouch. Once I started working at Sachs Media, Chris showed me a whole world of design I didn’t know existed, including AIGA. I enjoy meeting fellow creatives and learning of their projects, as it serves as motivation for my own.

Erik Eugene, designer and skateboarder

Searching on Google for networking opportunities for graphic design. And Instagram for the local chapter of AIGA.

Hope Lavender, graphic designer
Personal Instagram | Design Instagram | LinkedIn

I heard about AIGA Tallahassee through another member and incredible mentor, Chris Crouch, when I interned at Sachs Media Group! Since then, it’s connected me to other incredible Tallahassee-based creators that made me realize how many like-minded people and opportunities for creative growth there are here.

Gillian Kamerer, graphic designer and illustrator
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I helped start it! Back in 2017 my best friend introduced me to the idea of an AIGA chapter in Tally, and all of a sudden I was on a tiny team plotting wacky ideas every week. I have so many memories brainstorming together after work, learning how to write bylaws, road-tripping to other chapters on the weekends. AIGA Tallahassee has given me lifelong friends and I wouldn’t be the same person without it.

Brittany Gress, graphic designer
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I found AIGA Tallahassee when I was cornered by some misfit designers who invited me to join their initiative to activate Tally designers and artists.

Carly Berry, graphic designer and illustrator
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I had been running the Designer Drinks meet ups before we had an AIGA chapter.  Through that and other design community events, I knew everyone who was involved in getting our AIGA chapter started.  I continued to run the Designer Drinks events in conjunction with AIGA for a while before finally joining the board as Event & Community Director.

Conner Hill, Designer & Front End Developer

After exploring the possibilities of a Tallahassee AIGA chapter several years ago, I was happy to help Stephanie Irigoyen form our original chapter. I served on the founding board, taking over as President for the first two years.

Eric Thomas, Creative Director

I was hounded for cash by the founding members.

Jeremy Spinks, Creative Director

I ran across a Facebook event page for a Designer Drinks. I actually sat at an empty table before spotting a group I correctly identified as designers.

John Lhotka, graphic designer and illustrator
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By John Lhotka
Published July 10, 2022
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